Fremont Group Presentation

We were honored to be featured in Angela Ko’s virtual presentation that she gave to Fremont Group on March 24, as well as to receive a generous donations from the company. Our donors help us continue our mission to encourage, empower, and teach individuals and communities to grow healthy, nutritious food, organically and sustainably.

Of the presentation, Angela said:

Despite otherwise challenging circumstances of having to pivot to a virtual presentation instead of the in-person one we originally had planned, it actually turned out to be a blessing in many ways.

First, we had 67 attendees (that's 32 more attendees than originally planned). Attached is a snapshot from the video session of Fremont employees who joined the session from home.

Secondly, although we weren't able to have Fertile Groundworks attend the session, I was able to share the video that Brenda and I recorded which gave people a personal touch from the organization. They enjoyed seeing the actual garden and hearing from Brenda.

Third, because of the virtual presentation, people were able to message their questions throughout the presentation for the Q&A session. We ended with over 25 questions from people which showed their engagement and interest!

Here are some of the praises I received in e-mail after the session:

"I love what Fertile Groundworks is doing. I can sense how proud you are or the organization and to be helping their mission."

"Listening to your presentation was the highlight of my morning. I loved seeing all the colorful photos and learning about how FGW impacts the community."

"You were a great advocate for Fertile Groundworks. I'm going to tell my wife about it. She loves gardening and now I can tell her about volunteering at the garden to serve a bigger purpose."

"I love how you connected planting with healthier cooking and healthier eating. You even made broccoli sound delicious!"

Angela has agreed to let us share her presentation here. Thank you Angela!