Happy January!

Happy New Year everyone,

WOW! The month is going so fast. Many thanks to all of you who have braved some very cold mornings to help keep the garden growing this month. Folks have come from Global Leadership (GLIFY), Young Men’s Service League, Boy’s Team Charity, Boy Scout Troops 815 & 888, Girl Scout Troops 33453 & 30086 to help new and old garden hands.

All 16,000 square feet of beds and paths have been weeded at least once in the new year. I really appreciate the zen pullers worked the weeds out of the beds and the folks using hoes and forks to work their upper bodies and clear the paths. The green house and hoop house got a weeding too!The driveway got a weeding and fresh wood chips, garden look so much better because of you.

This month we were able to harvest and share 305 pounds of winter greens, carrots and beets. To keep the garden producing we also started 2,160 seeds of winter crop and have already planted out 361 seedlings (beets, lettuce and greens) still waiting on the other 1,800 winter seedings to get their second sets of leaves. We also started our first 720 summer crop seeds, peppers and eggplants to be specific. The peppers and eggplants won’t be going out into the garden until April and May.

Another 192 cu ft of compost got sifted and added to our pile for use this spring. Then folks batched up another 96 cubic feet of compost makings. While the P.P. And his Patrol were working the BSA Trench Team dug ~140 feet of Trench, the GSA added another 90 feet of terench this past weekend. That’s ~230 linear feet of ditch to put the expansion bed irrigation underground! Thanks everyone! Hoping to get the new lines installed in early February.

First we will put in 101 orchard trees this coming Saturday (2/1). If you would like join us come on out!

As always there is lots to do in the garden. None of it would get done without wonderful volunteers like you. You are all truly amazing human beings. THANK YOU!!! for enabling us to TEACH, GROW, and GIVE.

I do hope that you all will be able to come back and see how your efforts helped the garden to grow and change with the seasons.

Until next we meet, please do take care of yourselves, and have a great week.

Happy gardening everyone.

With sincere gratitude and hugs