Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone,

The last couple weeks have just flown by in a blur.  Afraid I have been derelict in expressing my gratitude to all of you for all the wonderful work you have done out in the garden.  Many thanks to all of you for donning your PPE and working your backsides off in the garden, I hope you are not too sore.  Together you represented the best of AUMC, BTC, Del Arroyo 4H, GSA, NCL, YMSL, Sandia, and SRUMC.

Since my last missive we have been able to expand the number of organizations we share with to include Meals on Wheels (Thanks to G&SW for making that connection!) and St. Bartholomew’s food pantry.  Together we have been able to deliver 650 pounds of fresh harvested produce to share with our neighbors.

Many thanks to all you Zen weed pullers and happy weed whackers who have removed literally tons of weeds from all around the garden.  Because of you the garden looks loved again! Many thanks to J & DL for clearing the driveway to the bee hives and starting the weed whacking craze, also to JL for returning with his favorite weed whacker from home this past weekend and for his patient instructions to the rest of us on how to use them.  I especially love the team work involved, as the whackers cleared huge swathes of the garden pathways and the zen pullers did the fine pulling needed to separate the blooming poppies from the rest of the weeds.  The poppies make for a beautiful welcome into the garden.  THANK YOU ALL!

Also many thanks to all of you who worked in the greenhouses to keep the seedlings sorted and plant sale orders going out. All told 218 people have picked up about 6,934 seedlings these past couple weeks.

In addition to all that harvesting, sorting and weeding, you also started our summer crop plantings by adding about 2,000 pounds of compost and 12 quarts of fertilizer to prepare the first four beds of summer, filling three of them by planting the first 31 tomatoes, 98 lettuces and 60 basil plants.  Yes indeed summer will soon be here! YUM!!!!

As always, my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all you essential and extraordinary heroes! Thank you all for proving that together we are going to make it through these trying times. Please know that your presence in the world brings me hope and happiness!


Until next we meet, do stay safe and keep loving the ones you are with.

Giant cosmic hugs


PS for all you mom watchers out there, I am happy to share that mine is now home safe, recovering from her emergency hernia surgery.  YAY MOMS!  Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts on our behalf