Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone,

            I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Many thanks to the folks from Workday, Kaiser, Hyland Software, National Charity League, Young Men’s Service League and Boy Scout Troop #888 who all came out to help in the garden.  Despite the temperature fluctuations we really got a lot done last week.

            We harvested 507 pounds of fresh veg to share with our neighbors in need.  In addition to all that harvesting we started getting caught up on weeds.  

            Man they are growing fast with this warm weather. RB weed whacked almost 3,500 square feet of the berry area, driveway and around the fruit trees and office-he kept going until he ran out of line.  I got more line RB, just for you! Zen pullers and hoe fans got another 4,263 square feet of beds and paths weeded and gleaned out.  Then we moved onto amend 970 square feet of bed space with fertilizers and about 6,200 pounds of compost.  Yowsers!

            We continued transplanting our summer crops, putting in  60 cucumbers, 81 peppers, 13 melons, 64 summer squash (zucchini and the like), 89 eggplant seedlings, and 125 chard and kale seedlings that we will harvest into next spring.  We also planted 20 caraflex cabbage that are supposed to be a heat tolerant cabbage, I think tthi summer will be a good test of that idea. 

            As always, I am indebted to all of you and send you all my sincere gratitude. Fertile GroundWorks could not do all we do without wonderful volunteers like you. You are all truly amazing human beings. THANK YOU!!! for enabling us to TEACH, GROW, and GIVE.

            I do hope that you all will be able to come back and see how your efforts helped the garden to grow and change with the seasons. 

            Until next we meet, please do take care of yourselves. 

Happy gardening everyone.

With sincere gratitude and hugs