Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone,

Holy moley we got a lot done last week! Many thanks to all of you who came out to help. The garden looks so loved. It was great to reunite with some ‘old faces’ and meet lots of new ones last. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Thanks for coming out to share RL & friends! Sincere wishes for many returns of the day.
A big shout out to the Boys Team Charity families that focused their energies on the lasagna mulched expansion beds. First they cleared the 2,400 square feet of beds and beds to be of weeds and cover crop fodder. Then they finished installing the irrigation to the expansion and hedgerow, adding 1,200 square feet of irrigated beds that will become this years pumpkin patch and the hedgerow will be planted with native shrubs. Friday the BTC moved finished filling the irrigation ditch and then went on to help the orchard weeding team.

During the orchard’s second weeding we were happy to discover that some poppies, Clarksia and had survived the lack of rain this winter and were in flower and making seeds to begin the self sowing cycle that we hope will happen out there in the orchard. Between the expansion, orchard, native flower bed and vegetable beds we cleared last week we removed three dumpsters full of weeds to share with the city and about as much garden fodder (old plant material). We will chip the fodder up to make more compost with when the tractor returns from the shop-yowser tractors are expensive to fix.

We also got seven more beds prepped with 4 cubic yards of compost (aka ~ 4,000 pounds of it) and fertilizer. All that bed work was accompanied by a lot of planting. We transplanted 76 cucumbers to fill the cuke beds, 200 eggplants to fill this year’s eggplant quota, 27 more melons, 64 winter squash (pumpkins), 47 summer squash (zucchini’s and the like), and another 130 tomatoes. WAHOOO!! Summer is almost here.

While all that garden work was happening we also harvested 535 pounds of fresh veg to share with our neighbors in need.


As always, my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all you. Thank you all for coming out to help the garden help feed our neighbors. Fertile GroundWorks couldn’t do what we do without each and every one of you. THANK YOU!
Until next we meet, do stay safe and keep loving the ones you are with.

Giant cosmic hugs

PS we found a corn flower blue sweat shirt out by the hoop house-anyone? It is safe in the office now, awaiting your return.