Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone,

Hope this finds all well with everyone. WOW everyone just ROCKED IT OUT this week! So many hard working folks out in the garden, including families from Boy Scout Troop #916, Girl Scout troop #32019, the Breaking BEARiers team, and students from the National Honor Society all came out to join us.

The Scouts worked together to dig the holes and install two new hawk perches. YAY!!! Ground squirrels beware! The rascals have eaten the roots out from under two trees-yes it killed the trees, and wreaked havoc on the orchard irrigation lines and control box. They filled the box with soil and chewed through a couple of the electrical wires and we have had to patch about 26 holes where they bit through the irrigation water lines– argh! To be honest I won’t mind feeding the hawks a yummy squirrel treat or two hundred.

The BEARS mural team got their mural painting completed-not even daunted by the bit of rain we got- but some of the muralist were joined by even more BEARS to work in the garden on Saturday!

With everyone’s help this week we were able to harvest and share 250 pounds of produce this week, plus give away another 70 pounds of winter squashes.

We also got another 1,435 sq. ft. of bed space gleaned and amended with about 8.7 cubic yards of compost (9,000 plus pounds!) and fertilizer. The onions arrived on Wednesday,-many thanks to the Wednesday volunteers you so impressed Rob, the owner of Valley Transplants our onion purveyor, that he donated all 7,000 onions we ordered and the delivery of them! Thanks to Rob and everyone who broke from prepping beds to help unload his truck! We will be planting 5,784 onions in the garden this year, the rest are destined for LHS and other school gardens. We made a big dent in them by planting out almost 2,500 of them so far. Plus we also got 112 non onion seedlings transplanted this week and started another 384 seeds.

Plus we changed out water lines in 5 of the beds that were already planted when we started the removal and replacement of the seven year old T tape lines earlier this year.

Yes indeedy we got a lot done this week! As always, my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all you. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of each and everyone of you. You all truly make the world a better place to be. Thank you all for coming out to help the garden feed our neighbors and keep the garden loved and productive year round. You all make the garden a truly special place of kindness and joy. THANK YOU for all your generosity and energy!

Until next we meet please do take care of yourselves and keep loving the ones you are with. Have a wonderful week everyone, study hard and try to have a little fun too.

With heartfelt gratitude,