Happy Monday!


Sitting here looking outside to grey clouds and the trees blowing in the wind:) No YORK in the garden today due to the holiday:(

Last week we harvested over 120lbs for our Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday deliveries. Lots of greens were sent out, some cauliflowers and broccolis as well as some carrots! Oh, lately we’ve had some radicchio pop up in the garden so we’ve been able to send some of that in too! 

Tuesday the OG’s continued their winter pruning in the orchard. Ryan, L and K took care of the compost, they checked temperatures to be sure everything was working properly, turned and added moisture and manure to bin #4 and sifted 2 sq ft from bin #2! Elsewhere in the garden we were planting greens; Japanese red Mustard, Tokyo Briana and Choi Shanghai-131 seedlings in all. C was busy creating a wood chipped path along our perennial bed fence line!

Wednesday JT joined us! With his help we were able to switch out the irrigation on the Little Hoop House South side tables-Hooray! Hunter and Hannah completed the harvest and washing for the garden and then inventoried our plant sale plants!

Friday Ryan had a crew of high schoolers from California Scholarship Federation helping him work on the compost; adding more greens and water, cutting down 1 cubic yard of loose browns and checking on the temps! Lance got tags done for more plant sale plants and V planted some Pak Choi-54 seedlings!

Saturday we were working in between rain drops with CCOP, PLAY and a few of our regulars! In the AM we harvested for Culinary Angels, prepped a few beds and got them planted with more greens-300 seedlings! Brenda and E & E switched out the plastic on the Little Hoop House South side tables. A moved compost out to the hub! In the PM more work on the Little Hoop House got done, oregano seedlings got planted into their new containers and 234 more seeds were planted for the plant sale!

As always, a productive week spent in the garden❤️

Take care