Happy Monday!


Happy Monday Everyone! It is a bit chilly today!

Last Monday YORK was out to the garden helping us to get wood chip laid down in the greenhouse, the worms fed in the worm bin and potted up 47  Thai Long eggplants into 4” pots for the garden! I do not remember it being this chilly!!!

Tuesday the OG’s were back in the Orchard continuing winter pruning as well as weeding and laying down wood chip. The Native beds were tended to as well as planning the map of the beds. Ryan reloaded the compost hub out front with compost from the field and a group of volunteers continued with potting up plants mostly from 6packs into 4” pots for the plant sale! We harvested for One Nation Dream Makers and Tri-Valley Haven❤️

Wednesday we planted more seeds as well as potted up about 1000 basil Genovese for the plant sale. We inventoried the plants and organized them in the Little Hoop House! We harvested for St. Bart’s, Livermore Homeless Refuge and Open Heart Kitchen❤️
Friday the Big Hoops House benches were leveled and the irrigation fixed. Over 800 plants were pricked out and potted up into their respective pots for the plant sale!
Saturday more inventorying of the plants, organizing of the Big and Little Hoop Houses and clean up of the Big Hoop House to keep everything moving forward for the plant sale. Lots of seeds started, plants pricked out and potted into their respective pots and other plants potted up into larger pots! 

Total for harvest this week was 70.44lbs💚 We potted up over 300 plants into 4” pots, over 1,200 plants pricked out and potted into 6 packs and at least 300 more plants seeded🌱🌱🌱

We are now in the big wheel called “Plant Sale” and will be for the next month! Still lots more to plant and prepare for it. Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers we will once again be ready for when it arrives!!!! 

Take care