Happy Monday!

Hello All!

Time change…I don’t know about you all but I am tired. Anyone have a successful way to deal with the time change? Besides oversleeping, lol

Last week was another wonderful week in the garden! YORK was out and helping us plant up 44 tomatoes into their 4” pots and wrote tags for our San Marzano tomatoes! When everyone was saying their goodbyes I found a bee on the porch and we got to watch as it started waking up from the warmth of my hand and our breaths as we all leaned in to look❤️ Kaleidoscope was out as well, helping us to beautify the garden out front, check on the worms🪱 (gave them a bit of water) and create 4 flats (64 pots total) of 4” pots for us to use for the plant sale! 

All our regular volunteers were out as well helping us to continue seeding pots for the plant sale. Total for the entire week was 2,868 seeds started!!! That included tomatoes, lettuce and ground cherries🌱 There were also 571 tomatoes potted up into their 4” pots🍅 Our Natives got some new hoses set out, we had a school coordinator stop in and we gave her some of our overgrown chamomile that decided to start growing into the path! Some of our volunteers were able to take some chamomile flowers home to try drying them for tea and we found out that the leaves are edible and cannot wait to try them in salads! 

Our OG’s out in the orchard were hard at work! There was lots of sheet mulching and laying wood chip down going on in the main orchard. The trees out from got some love from D & J! They pruned back the branches on our trees surrounding the campfire site as well as the plum tree by the picnic table, thanks guys!

Our compost area got some extra attention this week! The Boy Scouts were out to finish up the chipper shed! Thank you all for getting that done! Compost bin #5 got some greens from the garden. 

More pots were prepped (1,028), tags washed and created for plant sale pots, thermometers laid out in the hoop houses to help us keep track of the temps, Hannah took compost from the field and filled the compost hub again, plumbed BHH small tanks together, weeded around the rain barrels and a few beds! 

All that done and we harvested 99.75lbs for our neighbors last week🥰 Thank you everyone:)Take care