Happy Monday


First, I have to say, I forgot to give props to E.L. and N.C. in last week’s Happy Monday notes! We have been needing new wheels on our wheelbarrows for quite some time now and E.L took it into their hands to make it happen..and they also replaced the rotted tub on one and a frame on another! N.C. also helped later in the morning to make this all come together for us! Now all our wheelbarrows are working and are not dropping dirt everywhere! 

York was out, dropping off more clean gloves and helped us with bed C02. They found at least 5lbs of carrots still buried and got started with gleaning out the kale plants. When we took the chopped up plants out back to the compost bin K got to have photo shoot with the tractor! He was so happy…he would’ve preferred to drive it but a picture with the tractor sufficed! 

Tuesday found us with the students from King’s Academy 5th grade botany class! We split them into 3 groups and rotated them to 3 different work areas. One area they were helping with weeding out the native bed and planting horseradish, another are they were working compost and visiting the worm bin and the third area they were helping to glean out a bed to get it ready for planting! They got to see a lizard in the worm bin, ladybug larvae and a green stink bug, among many other plants and bugs throughout the garden! Ryan and a couple of our regular volunteers took care of the water lines on a Hugglekultur Mound, the OG’s were in the Orchard continuing their pruning, bed C02 was finished and prepped for planting and we harvested over 135lbs for our neighbors that day! Also, R. brought their weed whacker to help tame the weeds along our native bed next to the Orchard and Ryan jumped on the tractor and mowed part of the field leading to our bees!

Wednesday found a beautiful start to the day. L was able to come out and help us inventory our seed packets from the plant sale. P was back after a short hiatus and it was really nice seeing them. J, L & K, some of our regular Wednesday folk, were also there helping us to start the day off with a great harvest! Workday came along and got things done for us! They helped finished weeding G02, gleaned and planted G01 with Chinese Sweet basil and German thyme as well as weeded out the entire west front end of the garden, under the fruit trees! They were also able to get C02 planted with 14 Amana Orange tomatoes and 40 German thyme, as well as adding a few Compact basil to bed C01! All that and we harvested over 140lbs!

Friday’s crew helped to plant 2 more beds! A01 was prepped and planted with 10 rainbow Jazz Heart tomatoes and 50 Parris Island lettuce. B01 was prepped and planted with 13 Astia zucchini, 2 Saffron squash and 50 parsley plants! 

Saturday’s crews got a lot done even with all that cold, wet rain! Throughout both shifts our volunteers and crew were able to pot up 119 plants that were needing more space to grow before we could get them in the ground and over 900 new seeds were started!!! Peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, bitter melons and tomatoes galore! Glad they had the Big Hoop House to stay dry in! Ok, there was alit outdoor work for harvesting almost 20lbs of greens and onions for Culinary Angels😇

Over 300lbs of produce harvested last week for One Nation Dream Makers, Try-Valley Haven, Livermore Homeless Refuge, St. Bart’s and Culinary Angels!

As always thank you all for the work you do when you are here in the garden with us💚

Take care