Happy Monday

Hello All!

Last week started off with York helping to get some old paperwork shredded with a shredder I brought from home. Once we had a decent pile of shredded paper we fed the worms the banana peels we saved up for them, covered them with the shredded paper and watered them in. Once done with our chores we toured the hoop houses to see what was leftover for the garden. They brought out the second to last load of cleaned gloves since they will be going on their summer break soon. If anyone is looking to take on some glove laundry for the summer it would be appreciated!

Tuesday saw a lot of prep work happening. The bee hives are looking pretty full so C.W. built the super frames we are needing to give the bees room for their honey. Beds K06, M08 & M10 volunteers continued gleaning them out. The K06 bed was forked up and bed M09 was gleaned out and amended with fertilizer. Double Tree was out to help glean half of bed AB28, harvest over 170lbs and help us to get it ready for delivery!

Wednesday saw both Kaiser and Ross out to help! Kaiser helped to finish amending bed K06 as well as helped us to harvest over 250lbs of produce! Ross helped us to finish planting K06 with over 30 Brandywine tomato plants and bed M09 with over 20 Cherokee tomato plants! 

Kaleidoscope came out with muscles flexing! They gleaned out our AB34 bed that has had kale plants in it for over 2 years now. They came through with lopers and pruners gleaning out the rather large plants and chopping them into smaller pieces for our compost crew!

The majority of the Friday crew came in to prep and plant AB28 with over 40 pepper plants on one of the hottest afternoons this year! Another part of the crew helped to weed out flowering bindweed and watered the plants in the Big Hoop house! There was also an Eagle Scout out to talk about constructing some stairs for in front of the worm bin to make it easier to access.

Saturday saw beds M10, M14, M15, M16 and A17 prepped and planted with more summer veggies! M10 was planted with 20 Chocolate stripe tomatoes, M14, M15 & M16 were all planted with peppers-15 Gilboa, 39 Jalapeño and 23 Escamillo! A17 was gleaned, had its trellis removed and was planted with 31 MRDR eggplant! 

It seems like there are things completed that I am definitely forgetting! Busy, busy, busy out in the garden right now. Even as busy as we are we are ahead of last year’s harvest by 1500lbs! We implemented using a list of what beds to harvest and how much for each day’s harvest but it is the volunteers who embraced that list and make it work for the garden that is getting us ahead of our harvest❤️ Thank you all for showing up and helping us to get this work done!

Take care