Happy Monday!

Hello All!

Last week started off with BofA volunteering at the garden and helping us get bed AB34 finished off! If you remember, the week before, Kaleidoscope gleaned out all the old kale plants and BofA came in to finish getting the bed prepped and planted! They got the soil forked, fertilized and composted. York even came in and lent them a hand with a few wheelbarrows full of compost. After that York helped check in on the worm bin, making sure they were receiving enough water with this hot weather! While checking in on the worms BofA were able to plant 21 Pineapple tomato plants in bed AB34! 

Tuesday saw Omron come through and help us weed out the majority of the blooming bind weed and poppies that are everywhere right now! They helped to make lots of room for us to get in there and start prepping beds for the summer veggies! Brenda and I figured it to be at least 6 cubic yards of weeds and poppies Omron helped us to clean out of the garden!!! K.M. & L.P. weeded out bed H02 and made room for the cauliflower still in that bed to possibly give us more and J.M. & R.L. were over in bed K18 getting part of it gleaned out for the sweet potatoes that are needing a bed! All that weeding/gleaning going on and we ended up harvesting over 300lbs! 

Wednesday Safeway was out to help us with gleaning out beds AB25, N11 and finishing M08. They weeded out beds AB25, N11 and N13 as well as forked AB25. They found with Brenda that the N beds were in serious need of irrigation repair and helped with that as well as a bit more weeding around the garden! J.T gleaned out bed M11, weeded that as well as weeded out bed AB10 and R.L. Partially gleaned out bed L03 and then helped with washing the produce! All that done and we all harvested over 200lbs of produce!

Friday afternoon was a bit cooler than the Friday before! D.W. gave the bee boxes their 2nd and final coat of paint and watered the tropicals for us in the Big Hoop House. J.R. was out for the first time and helped me to get M01 forked. K.L. came in and helped us to fertilize and compost the bed and then E.G. came along and helped us finish the compost and we all planted the potatoes that Junction school donated to us…135 of them! JA1S behind the strawberry gutters got some weeding done by A.L. and her boys and then Enrique and his friend came in and got the water lines set up for the pumpkins we have leftover. 

Saturday’s crew were able to prep 3 beds!!! Beds N11 and N13 were forked. All 3 beds, AB25, N11 & N13, all received fertilizer, compost, got watered in and mulched with straw! I was out of commission with some blisters on my hands so I made tags for AB25’s melon seeds and seeded up over 300 collard plants for N13! We also found that N11’s irrigation hoses needed to be completely replaced and J.C. helped Brenda and I with that. L.X. was kind enough to remove all the hose connectors for us to save for later use! A.S.’s troop and a few friends were out to plant the native plants along our Eastern hedgerow!

Special thanks to R.E., S.W. & R.S. Mowing Services! They have been working on getting the field mowed over the past 2 weeks and it is looking great out there!!!

Another special thanks to R.B. Weed Whacking services! R.B. has been working tirelessly to whack the weeds down to size around the garden on Tuesdays! 

Big thank you to you all!!!!!

Take care