Happy Monday!


Another lovely weekend! The hubs and I were able to work on our garden:) Hope you were all able to enjoy yours🌞

Last week…no York out since they start their summer vacation soon. Brenda and I were able to go and celebrate A at her going away party at the school! Is it just me or do all kids grow up so darn fast! We wish her well in her future endeavors❤️ We also got the last of the clean gloves from L while there. If anyone is looking to help out outside of the garden we could use help getting the gloves cleaned once a week. Please let me know you’d like to do this!

Tuesday shout out to the regulars who got things done! C I believe helped Brenda out with the Bitter Melon, 41 transplants in bed M08 and 13 transplants in bed AB07 along with 18 direct sow Mashed Potato squash, 10 direct seed Waltham Butternut & 5 transplant Waltham. P started 30 tomato seeds for the garden and afterwards joined M in bed M04 to help her with the established ground cherries. They weeded the bed and relocated 24 of the ground cherry plants to the West side of the bed to open up the East side for sweet potatoes! L & K worked on bed L02 and planted 26 Mortgage Lifter tomatoes as well as direct sowed 55 Genovese basil on the East facing line. Over 170lbs of produce was harvested!

Wednesday Vector labs joined us in the garden again! S from Vector gleaned out bed AB09 of all the onions! L & M from Vector helped Brenda, J & C to glean and weed out N09, one of our larger beds in the back of the garden! Lots of onions harvested from those beds that day, along with R’s AB10 bed that she gleaned out! Over 380lbs of produce was harvested for the day!

Friday was a bit on the hotter side. Most of our regulars showed up as well as a few newer volunteers and 6 Girl Scouts with their chaperones came out to help in the garden! E & E were amped to prep a bed in the heat and with the help of the Girl Scouts it was completed before the shift was done! After the Girl Scouts helped fork the bed they went and helped Brenda and Ryan to transplant 9 Saffron squash and direct sow 10 Raven squash plants into bed B06! There was a group of about 5 of us that took to weeding out the flowering bindweed by the produce washing station. Before all that had gotten underway we also wrote up some tags for beds that are being direct sown and fixed some irrigation issues out at the Hugglekulture mounds at the back of the property.

Saturday AM saw bed AB25 get direct sown with over 50 assorted melon seeds; Ha O’gen, Sakato Sweet, Korean and Charentais! Bed E01 had some of its holes filled in with more provider bean seeds. M04, which was prepped the night before got some water added to it and it was mulched as well to keep it moist for us to plant the sweet potatoes this week! AB09 was prepped with 7 qts of fertilizer, 2” of compost, watered and mulched.

Saturday PM they got the trellis up for the ground cherries. This year we are going to try to keep the ground cherries up off the ground so they are a little easier to harvest. Last year it was difficult because you had to pick the plant up in order to get underneath to the cherries! They also got N09 prepped with 12 qts of fertilizer, 2” of compost, watered and mulched! 

Over 550lbs of produce was harvested this week for the pantries! 

Take care