Happy President’s Day!

Happy Monday everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Presidents’ Birthday celebration day off. Many thanks to all of you for coming and helping out last week. What beautiful weather we had. Folks from Workday, YMSL, NCL, BTC, Livermore, Granada, Foothill and Tzu Chi High Schools plus Gale Ranch came out to help this week.

We got lots done. We gleaned and harvested 191 pounds of fresh carrots, beets, lettuce and greens to share with our neighbors. I hope everyone got a little something to take home with them and can share a recipe with us for our cookbook.

Into the gleaned beds we planted 298 beets to carry on our succession plantings, they should be ready right to harvest before we need the beds for tomatoes is late April. Besides beets we also got the back ordered orchard trees planted, painted and pruned and all the drip lines are in now in (YAY HOT WATER!), and another 27 tons of soil out to complete the sheet mulching! Just waiting on the citrus and wildflowers. We need everyone to work on their rain dances.

We also started the second seeding of solanums (tomatoes. peppers, and eggplants) for spring planting out in the school gardens and first plantings out in the big garden plus the plant sale. We started 1008 tomato, 520 pepper and 96 eggplant seeds. We also started potting up the peppers and eggplants we seeded in January. We potted up 160 peppers and 49 eggplants and I learned a new two fork method for moving seedlings to their new pots. Thanks MO! All the babies are out in the toasty warm greenhouses. The potted-up transplants all looked happy Sunday when I checked on them.

We got another 405 sq feet of beds weeded and they look great. Alas, the rogue weeds out I the paths don’t seem to mind the lack of water and are loving the warm weather-bet they grew 6 inches this past week. Wish the Swiss chard grew as well as those mallow weeds! We will work on those pathways this coming week ans get the spring herbs seeded too.

As always there is lots to do in the garden. None of it would get done without wonderful volunteers like you. You are all truly amazing human beings. THANK YOU!!! for enabling us to TEACH, GROW, and GIVE.

I do hope that you all will be able to come back and see how your efforts helped the garden to grow and change with the seasons.

Until next we meet, please do take care of yourselves, and have a great week.

Happy gardening everyone.

With sincere gratitude and hugs