Happy rainy day!

Happy rainy Sunday everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for coming out, donning your PPE, wearing eau de isopropanol, and helping to harvest 510 pounds of fresh produce for our neighbors in need. We were able to share produce with the food pantry, Culinary Angels and the school district over the last couple weeks.

There was no down time in the garden as folks moved onto renewing efforts to keep the garden weeded by pulling weeds from 2,800 sq feet of paths and beds. Thank You! The garden is starting to looked loved again. Many thanks to Mrs. Lee, she is leading in the tonnage of weeds pulled as she took on weeding the whole SW corner of the garden as her personal mission. Thanks Mrs. Lee for getting the ball rolling!

Also, thanks to SM & RH for designing the new ‘drive up, pick up model’ to make our plant sale safe. Thanks to all of you who worked to implement the design. I know the 117 people who are able to plant the 1,953 seedlings you sorted for them are happy. So happy that many of them showed their appreciation for your efforts by including surprise gratuities with their payments – very unexpected and very welcome.

Please know that in the garden, you all are essential and extraordinary heroes! Thank you all for proving that together we are going to make it through these trying times. Your presence in the world brings me hope and happiness!

Until next we meet, do stay safe and keep loving the ones you are with.

Giant cosmic hugs