Happy Tuesday!

Hello All,

Yes, I am late getting the Happy Monday note out because yesterday Brenda and I helped out at Livermore High School and went on a run to our favorite native source!

We are in for some nice weather this week! Last week I remember YORK coming in and we were prepping to work inside the Big Hoop House because it was misty heavily that morning, soaking everything, and by the time they got to the garden it had stopped! We still did the chores in the hoop house; cleaned tags, tore up some compostable food containers for the worms and then fed the worms some of the containers. We placed them, the containers, in the north west corner of the worm bin so we can see what it will look like when YORK comes back next week!

Tuesday saw us with the drier weather. We harvested as we normally do and we got over 100lbs of produce that day! Over 300 tomato plants were potted up into the 4” containers for the Plant Sale and the OG’s weeded and wood chipped the Orchard. Wednesday M. weeded the Native beds for us and we had some irrigation fixed in the Little Hoop House. We also had A. and her kiddos plant up some of our tomato plants for the Sale! Friday Ryan had the crew super busy seeding over 1,000 6 pack cells for our greens and potted up over 100 peppers and tomatoes into the 4” pots for the Plant Sale.

Saturday was humming!!! 

In the morning: GLIFY was out putting together our bee boxes, building and painting them for us! PLAY and CCOP helped us to organize our seed inventory, plant up over 400 succession plants into our beds and weeded a path out front by our H beds. NCL stayed busy most of the morning organizing our herbs for the plant sale. They meticulously went through each 6pack looking for doubles and planting the doubles into empty cells!!! Thank you ladies! 

In the afternoon: The volunteers helped to plant over 200 succession plants into our beds, potted up almost 100 peppers and tomatoes into 4” pots for the Plant Sale, as well as pricked out over 500 lettuces into their respective 6 pack containers!

We harvested over 200lbs of produce for our neighbors this week!!!!

Take care