Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Total harvest for last week was; 116.57lbs! 

Tuesday of last week saw us with our regular crew of volunteers🥰 The OG’s were back at it again the orchard. They were able to winter prune 2 1/2 pomegranate trees as well as got some weeding done. JR cleaned up the paths around the ARB beds and fixed bed F01’s corner! Beautifully done job! J & B gleaned out half of B01’s bolting Tronchuda kale to make way for Deer Tongue lettuce and some carrot seeds…we WILL be successful in harvesting carrots this year! One of the carrots seeded, Kyoto, was donated by one of our young Saturday volunteers❤️ The Little Hoop House was tended to as well as the Native beds. Lot’s of love going into the garden!

Wednesday my best friend came back out as well as another of our dear regular volunteer😍 We hadn’t seen her in a long time, always nice seeing people you love! She planted bed M11 full of Pak Choi, filling in the empty spots. The later part of the shift Kaleidoscope came back out and helped us wash and pack up the harvest as well as feed the worms and plant a few Deer tongue lettuce in the bed J & B had started on Tuesday! 

Friday we got busy planting tomato seeds for the plant sale with a couple of return volunteers as well as one new one! Brenda and Enrique made room in the Little Hoop House for the flats as well as dealt with the “Return of the Ants” in the Greenhouse…this is a repeat offense on the ants part🤣

Saturday everyone continued to plant tomato seeds and got the compost hub filled, completed the irrigation and covering in the Little Hoop House, moved some wood chip next to the Big Hoop House to help the OG’s on their mission to wood chip the paths in the orchard and created a lot of much needed tags for the plant sale!

All told we got 209 plants transplanted into our beds for future harvest, 450 carrot seeds planted in bed B01, 114 eggplants and peppers potted up for the plant sale and approximately 1,800 tomato seeds started for the plant sale!!!! 

Busy little bees we are🐝

Take care