Thank you!

WOW! Boy’s Team Charity ROCKS! Our 10th Anniversary Appreciation Day was a great success due to your hard work, patience and wonderful attitudes. I heard so many good things from the guests and board members that you all worked with throughout the day. I even got emails from guests who wrote me to compliment you all on your friendliness and cheerful ways. Folks really appreciated the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere you created, a bright spot in a tough week for many of them.

Your can-do attitude during setup really impressed the board members, as you all earned A+’s in popup technology and duct tape! Many thanks to the folks who gleaned out the mucky tomatoes and cleared paths. You helped make navigating the garden oh so much easier.

Together we were able to serve 149 members of 51 families, helping them to harvest 636 pounds and 4 ounces of fresh produce, bringing smiles to their faces and filling their tummies with fresh treats.

I can’t thank enough for all your help, but THANK YOU!

I do hope you can find some time to come back and play in the garden with us – maybe plant some seeds, prep some beds and harvest some more.

Until next we meet, please do take care of yourselves, and good luck with your studies. I am looking forward to D&M’s finishing their homework on their dissertation, discussing the curing of all that ails the world. Let me know when you all publish it.

All my best with sincere gratitude,